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Beyond the Sunset

BN Beyond the Sunset Banner

Byeond The Sunset01

Disc: 1 CD

  1. Once In A Million Years
  2. Be Mine Tonight
  3. Wish You Were Here
  4. Waiting Just For You
  5. Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus
  6. Ghost Of A Rose
  7. Spirit Of The Sea
  8. I Still Remember
  9. Castles And Dreams
  10. Beyond The Sunset
  11. Again Someday
  12. Diamonds And Rust
  13. Now And Then
  14. All Because Of You

Disc: 2 DVD

  1. Written In The Stars
  2. Morning Star
  3. Play Minstrel Play
  4. Minstrel Hall
  5. Under A Violet Moon


Once in a Million Years

October reminds me of my home

The cold nights I would wait all alone

Watching leaves turning from green to gold…

The waiting feels like eternity

When waiting for love to come to me

Someone to have, someone to hold…

Then once in a million years

A shining white knight will appear

Fairytales are coming true

I promise my heart only to you…

A castle stands upon a hill

Our eyes meet and time is standing still

Your smile warmed me like the first summer sun

There’s colour where once was black and white

There’s moonbeams where there was only night

I knew then and there you were the one…


This is the song that inspired Blackmore’s Night to do “Once in a Million Years” // Angelika Milster – Wenn aus Liebe Sehnsucht wird

Candice Night talks about this history:

“It is a funny story about ‘Once In A Million Years’ and how we found it. Ritchie and I have a satellite dish at our home so that we can watch DW (German television) every day. Imagine me, not understanding a word but just looking at the pictures while he tries to translate for me! But they sometimes show the castles and the fields and it is all so beautiful. Anyway, about 5 years ago we were watching ‘Boulevard Germany’ and a blonde singer came on and sang this beautiful song . We didn’t know who she was or what the name of the song was since we caught the performance in the middle. So, we spent the next 5 years asking every German person we knew if they had any idea who this was. We asked friends, fans, record company, I even wrote to the station and no one knew. But this year, we were watching DW again and there was a made-for-TV movie about a lounge singer. And there she was!!! This time we taped the show, slowed it down and got the credits and found her name. Then plugged her name into and came up with Angelika Milster’s ‘Sehnsucht’. We bought it and the song we had been searching for was on that album. Pretty good investigative work, huh? So, since we were putting out the romantic compilation, and since that song sounds so romantic and like a grand fairy tale, like the moment that Prince Charming rides upon horseback…. I came up with the words to fit the feeling in the song — not even knowing what the German original text was about. And ‘Once In A Million Years’ was born — Blackmore’s Night style.”


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