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Singles from Fires at Midnight

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All The Singles – including Promos


bn renaissance faire tape

Come With Me To The Renaissance Faire (2001 US 3-track promo cassette, featuring tracks from the albums ‘Fire At Midnight’ & ‘Shadow Of The Moon’, custom picture slipcase).

Blackmore’s Night Come With Me To The Renaissance Faire USA Promo cassette single

Tracklisting / Additional Info:

1. Renaissance Faire

2. Crowning Of The King

3. Pretorius

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Home Again

1. Home Again (edited version)

2. Waiting Just For You (remixed version)

3. All Because Of You (remixed version)

4. Home Again

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All Because Of You

1. All Because Of You
 2. Home Again

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All Because Of You

All Because Of You (Deleted 2004 German issue 3-track CD single from the ex-Deep Purple axeman’s folk/new age collaboration with Candice Night, includes Radio Romantic Mix, Regenwald Mix and Album Version, sealed picture sleeve).

Track List

1. Radio Romantic Mix

2. Regenwald Mix

3. Album Version

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