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Candice: You are the crowned Princess Candice Of Magiquest. Please tell us a little bit more about this ground breaking new adventure park.

Candice: The other thing that I am dealing with right now is called Magiquest. Which is an interactive game park. They filmed me as Princess Candice. The woman behind it used to work for Disney and now she has started a company called Creative Kingdoms. She came to see our show and saw the interaction that Ritchie and I have on stage: the dark and the light. She called me the Princess of Light. And he is a sort of dragon-like kind of a creature. She calls him the shadow-creature actually or the shadow figure or the trickster. And she had this brilliant idea. She thinks when people walk through Disneyland parks and when they finish going through all the rides they are exhausted and drained of energy. Because she thinks Disney made them a box of fun that Disney stamps as fun, but not so much the people. So her idea was to energize people and bring in their own personality and really make them enjoy this so much more. And she patented this technology. It’s a magic wand. And in the end of the magic wand is a computer chip, so when you go through this Magiquest-kingdom it has Stonehenges in it and woodland creatures and you can fight the dragon. Basically it is a videogame but you can go through the videogame. It’s you. And you can take the magic wand and go on these different quests and adventures. And as you point your magic Wand to different things they come alive and they talk to you. So I’m on an interactive video screen, in my own chamber in a castle pacing back and forth because the storyline is that the goblins have stolen my voice and I have to sing to the creatures of the forest and I have to awake the unicorns. It has all the magical nuances to it. So basically when you come to my chamber and if you wave your magical wand toward me I come alive and tell you what you’d need to do in order to complete this quest and bring the rune stones back to return my voice to me. It’s amazing: it really winds up most of all the little children. The five-year-olds. They are amazed by the fact that when they point their magic wand something comes alive. They have real magic and they are so excited. And the teenagers and their parents they understand the concept of the game so they go through the five different levels of quests and the different adventures which are more difficult. It’s a great experience for the whole family. That was also the last time I was filmed to be actually on screen.  

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